About the Company

The presence of Kormal enterprise on the market dates back to May 1989. Its business, from the early years of its existence, has been in construction, including the specialist corrosion protection and insulation works. Over the twenty years of its activity the Company’s pride have always been its engineering, technical and project completion staff with supreme qualifications. As a long-term co-operative of Poland’s largest enterprises: PKN ORLEN SA., BOT Elektrownia Bełchatów SA., KGHM Polska Miedź SA., we let our employees gather experience by working with organisations using implemented quality and environment management systems, and occupational safety (BHP) system. Since July 2005 the Company holds a certificate of its quality management system, in compliance with PN- EN ISO 9001:2000. Within scope of anticorrosion works,  Kormal Sp. z o.o. has been co-operating directly with manufacturers of corrosion protection (anticorrosion) systems and, working together with technology experts employed by manufacturers, has been solving even the most complicated technical problems reported by Clients. Since January 1991 engaged in construction business overseas, through its branch offices in Schwedt and Ingelheim, Germany, and since Poland accession to EU in Sweden and Denmark, the Company has developed expertise in general and industrial construction (chiefly shell-of-the-building states), and won appreciation of its demanding German, Swedish and Danish partners. The Company’s managers have high professional qualifications and experience gathered through many years of works in Poland and in foreign countries. As an active participant in works of domestic and foreign business organisations (such as, for example, VdPD in Germany, the Polish-Swedish Business Chamber in Gdańsk) and a co-operative of legal and business consultants, our Company’s staff has access to all information required to make the right business decisions.

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